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Plans are underway for 2016 Fundraising.

We hope that the New Year has started with joy and happiness for each of you!

2015 was a great year for Friends of Lisa.  Joining hands with you, our valued friends, and with the outstanding help and support of our wonderful equestrian community, Lisa received much needed assistance as she courageously fought her way through multiple cancer treatments for metastatic breast cancer.

Both Lisa and the Friends of Lisa support team extend a tremendous THANK YOU to all  who participated and contributed in so many ways to fund raising in 2015!  This, of course, includes the trainers, barn owners, riders, auditors and volunteers who helped and attended each event, the wonderful folks who ran the online and silent actions, all the companies that donated items and, of course,  to all the people who gave money, brought food, offered assistance and helped to  lift Lisa’s spirits with kind words of encouragement and affirmations of love. We are truly blessed with such a caring and giving community!


For 2016 the Friends of Lisa support team will be working towards reaching a fund raising goal of $25,000 to ensure Lisa continues to get the medical treatment she needs to meet the expense of  her insurance premiums and also cover her mounting out of pocket medical costs. To accomplish this we have some great events planned ; parties, clinics and fund raising drives are all in the works. So keep checking back here and on the Friends of Lisa Facebook page!

Again, thank you one and all for your generous support in 2015 and stay the course for 2016!


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2016 FUNDRAIING GOAL: $25,000

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Friends of Lisa is a community committed to raising funds to defray the costs of cancer treatment for our friend, Lisa Blaufuss. We are committed to supporting her in every way – physically, mentally and spiritually, as she fights to regain her health.  

About Lisa Blaufuss

Lisa Blaufuss.  We know her as the indefatigable dressage show manager, the “go-to” person when you really, really need to get something done! She’s the person who is always looking for a way to help others, to give back.  Lisa is also a Mom to Ciera, a ninth grader and future volleyball superstar; and wife to John, an entrepreneur with a hearing aid company.

Lisa has battled brelisacollage_donateast cancer with the same energy that she commits to everything.  First diagnosed in August, 2010, after running a highly successful CDS San Diego Chapter Dressage show, she aggressively fought with all  the weapons at hand: chemotherapy, radiation, major surgeries.  Declared cancer free in 2013 , Lisa hardly missed a beat, continuing to run successful horse shows and live fully with energy and optimism.  She may have  lost her hair and some body parts, but never her sense of humor, joy for life or compassion for others.  We love Lisa.

Like her Mother, Lisa carries the dreaded BRCA gene, the genetic marker for breast cancer. And, like her mom, Lisa is battling a second time. We know Lisa can and will win this fight,  just as her Mother has done, and continue to live her life to the fullest….  She will beat cancer again, with our help.

Lisa  learned that she has Stage 4 breast cancer on February 8, 2015, at a horse show.  There is a tumor in her sternum.  She has already undergone radiation and will soon need to embark on chemotherapy.  Unfortunately, Lisa’s insurance company is currently denying this chemotherapy treatment, and she can’t afford the six-figure cash payment. The drug therapy her doctor would like to use, which has been successful in women with her tumor profile, costs $15-20,000  per month…the drug treatment is pending approval from her insurance company . Lisa is not only fighting cancer but also her insurance company to get the treatment she needs to live!  She has only just finished paying off the medical bills from her last diagnosis in 2010 and is now faced with having to pay another $12,000 deductible, co-pays and the cost of any non-covered treatment. The cost of the medical policy has more than doubled in just three years and is now almost a thousand dollars a month,  with coverage that is profoundly inadequate. Clearly,  Lisa  needs your help.

Enter:  Friends of Lisa.  We have banded together to fund-raise and support our beautiful friend… like our own lives are at stake!

Please donate, volunteer, spread the word and hug a friend.  Whatever you can do to help is appreciated.

Make A Donation

Your contribution will help Lisa get the treatment and drug therapy she needs to battle for her life…Again. We know she can win that fight, she is irrepressible, determined and her spirit is invincible!!

We are truly grateful for any amount, nothing is too small (or too big), and all proceeds go to supporting Lisa and her medical expenses.



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Make checks payable to: Friends of Lisa Blaufuss
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Friends of Lisa, 421 Bridoon Terrace, Encinitas CA 92024.


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Thank you for being a compassionate, caring and generous human being, willing to  step in and make the difference that is so crucial now !


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